Jul 16, 2014
@ 12:41 pm

INTERVIEW: Allison Veltz

We got to chat with the lovely country singer Allison Veltz about her journey as an artist, and her new record Wonderland. Read our interview to find out more!

For anyone who hasn’t listened to you music, how would you describe it and what makes your sound unique?

I grew up with a drummer for a dad so there’s a big emphasis on rhythm in my music. Also, I absolutely love bluegrass instrumentation. It’s a vibrant record. I hope to make you smile, think and feel good. 

After growing up in a musical family, and being in a band with your parents. What would you say your favorite thing about being a musician is?

Music is a powerful thing. It can change your mind, your heart, your day. It does that to me. My favorite thing about being a musician is the privilege of being a part of someone’s mind, heart and day…even just for 3 minutes and 23 seconds. 

Your record, Wonderland is a reflection of life growing up and you moving around constantly. Does any specific town have more of an effect on the inspiration of songs more than other places you’ve lived?

Actually, no. The through line of the album is more about the desire to take root somewhere.  It has a traveling feeling to it. It’d be a great road trip record :)  

What is your favorite song off the record and why?

“Runaway.” It’s the first song I wrote for the album. It set the bar for how raw and honest the whole record needed to be. From then on I’d write songs and compare them to “Runaway.” The whirlwind of all the moving in my life seemed to settle down after writing “Runaway.” And the rest of the album followed.  

You co-wrote all eleven songs off your record. What is your writing and recording process like?

I moved to Nashville in January 2011 and in my mind, I’d arrive in Music City and we’d go right into the studio, record and release, a record. I wanted instant gratification. Instead, I started writing. It took me awhile to find my voice and to let myself write my life story. But when it did, it started pouring out of me. The experience in the studio was much the same. My producers Mark Bright, Dan Muckala and I were very much in tune with how every song should be treated, how it should sound, and we all took the time we needed to let the music fully develop. I’m am SO lucky to have that kind of synergy with a production team. 

I know you put a lot of heart and soul into this album. What do you want people to take from Wonderland when they hear it?

Wonderland is an album. It’s a complete thought and not a collection of random songs. Overall it’s an uplifting record. I’d love for people to see this album in their iTunes and see lightness. Not just as opposed to darkness but as opposed to heavyness as well. 

You just released a lyric video to your single “Bright Side.” I love that you have a campaign that donates for every view watched. What gave you the idea to do that for the video?

I am hopelessly flawed. I fail at “the bright side” everyday. So I knew the video shouldn’t concentrate on me :) A dog however lives in the moment. They seem to effortless wag no matter what. Even if they’re lost. I wanted the “Bright Side” video’s focus to genuinely reflect the bright side so a pooch was a natural choice. The campaign idea came after we realized that not only is Penny “wandering the streets of Nashville” in the video. She was found “wandering the streets of Nashville” when she was rescued. I’m lucky to have a generous team that shares my love for animals. Everyone hopped on board to donate and every view of the video donates more. I’m hoping to always help animals, in particular dogs. 


I know you have been doing a lot of radio tours and playing shows earlier this year  What would you say is your favorite part of performing live?

The people. It’s what makes this WHOLE process make sense. When you’re recording you sing to a microphone, when you’re writing a song you sing to the air. When you perform to sing to people. It’s the most important thing to me. 

Anything else you would like to add? Thank you!!

Check out my vlogs on YouTube. Dog vlogs, musis vlogs, random vlogs. Also, follow me on InstagramTwitter and Facebook for updates regarding shows and the release of Wonderland. 


Jun 30, 2014
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We chatted with bassist, Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls. Read our interview to find out more about their tour with Daughtry, their record Magnetic, and more!

Click here to view interview.


Jun 25, 2014
@ 5:22 pm

"Better Air [Deluxe Edition]" by Pilot For A Day

Click here to read our interview with Pilot For A Day about the record

4.5/5 - Better Air [Deluxe Edition]

Pop-rock, or dare I say “pop-punk” music always hold a soft spot in my heart. When I picked up Pilot For A Day’s album, Better Air [Deluxe Edition], I instantly felt nostalgic to the music I used to listen to in 2007. I don’t want to relate Pilot For A Day’s sound to the old Myspace bands I used to find and listen to, because Myspace has become the social networking joke of the internet. However, I thank Myspace for helping me find bands like All Time Low, Cartel, and Mayday Parade, who Pilot For A Day reminds me of. "Midwest Kings" is a perfect song to start off the record, and describe the sound for the album. It’s a slow introduction that begins to pick up and has you singing along to it in no time. "Ticket to Somewhere" is the perfect song that makes you just want to go on a drive and roll down your windows blaring this song for everyone to hear when you stop for a red light. "Alleys and Side Streets" and "A Little More" are a couple of the songs that brings me back to the good ole ‘pop-punk’ days due to the catchy chorus’ and strong vocals. Thanks to CL, My FMLY & All My Homies” has an upbeat vibe, with sentimental lyrics that will have you putting it as your next Instagram’s caption. "Extraordinary Life" is not only a beautiful song, but it also has powerful guest vocals from Andrew Volpe. "Count to Ten" and "Take This Chance" are the perfect songs to end the record, leaving the songs stuck in your head for the rest of the day. But wait, there is more on the Deluxe Edition! "From Somewhere" is a beautifully done acoustic song, that helps take the fast pace of this record down. About every record has to have the perfect ballad, and ”From Somewhere” nailed it right on the head! The last two songs on the record are acoustic versions of the songs “A Little More” and “Take This Chance”. I think it was a great choice for them to choose these songs to slow down. The two original songs are actually my favorite off the record, but acoustic versions of songs always win my heart. Overall, I really enjoyed this record. It’s a really strong solid pop rock album, that I think could be your anthem for the summer.


Jun 25, 2014
@ 4:27 pm

INTERVIEW: Plaid Brixx

We caught up with electro-pop band Plaid Brixx. Read what they had to say below about their new EP, Chemistry, possible tours, and more!

How would you describe your sound? What makes your band unique?

I would describe our sound as electro-pop with a razor’s edge of rock and an aftershave of punk. What makes us unique is our attention to small details in our recordings and our obsessive concentration on songwriting.  We also have a knack for catchy melodies.

Where does the name Plaid Brixx come from?

We made it up based on visualization of a brick wall made of plaid-colored bricks. We thought the phrase plaid bricks sounded cool so we went with a variation of that.

You guys just released your single “Chemistry”.  What’s the influence behind that song?

I (Chris) wanted to find the positive in a nasty breakup I was going through. So the song is kind of bittersweet as it explores the idea that you learn, gain knowledge and experience from every person you date, even if the breakup is really bad and you aren’t on good terms in the end. It still sticks with you.

You guys are currently gearing up to release your Chemistry EP on July 8th. What song are you most looking forward to have people hear?

We are really excited about “Heartbreaker”. It turned out way “dancier” than we had imagined it would so it’s a very nice addition to the EP. The main synth sound is so dirty and my body is starting to move just thinking about the part.

What was your favorite part about making the EP?

The best part was experimenting with all the synth sounds and parts. You can do anything with a synthesizer, so you have to learn to narrow down your field of view and be confident about how you want the synth to sound. And then you tweak the sound, and micro-tweak it some more until you are finally happy. It was the first time I have ever used this much synth on a record, and it was a lot of fun to have so many options. Expect more synth on future recordings.

Are you guys planning on going on a summer tour?

This summer we are planning a regional tour, but nothing too big yet. We don’t want to jump the gun on a huge tour. We are looking forward to getting out and meeting new fans though!

Anything else you would like to add?

Thank you for your time, you’ve been awesome! <3 <3 <3

Thanks guys!


Jun 23, 2014
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Artist Trades Album for Nudes

Artist, Loke Rahbek is giving his new album The Wild Palms away for free.  However, even though it costs no money, there is a price you would have to pay. He will only give away his album in exchange for a nude selfie with the The Wild Palms written somewhere on your body. He is only making the album available on cassette tape, in order to help stop people from sharing his album. He says he won’t leak your naked selfie, if you don’t share the album with others. If you do however, well, you asked for it. 

Loke Rahbek will only be making as many copies as equivalent to as many nudes he receives to  thewildpalms1889@gmail.com. The promotion ends on July 22nd.

Rahbek stated in FACT mag

“When you share your work with someone, it can be like showing your own skin – you are stripping naked,” he says. “So I ask that anyone who gets the music does not share it with anyone. And I promise in return to not share those photos with anyone. They are going to be in a file, and they are going to stay there. I wanted it to be secret, because you know if we’re talking about intimacy, nothing is stronger than keeping secrets together.”

This is something that has never been done before. We are curious to hear your thoughts on the form of “payment” Loke Rahbek is asking for his album The Wild Palms. Let us know your thoughts!


Jun 14, 2014
@ 12:43 pm

Tamar Haviv Set to Release New Album

Tamar Haviv has announced that her debut album You and Me Without Pajamas on July 29th!

View the album art above. 

For more updates on her album, please visit http://tamarhaviv.com/


May 28, 2014
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Tyler Glenn of Neon TreesMay 22nd, 2014 - Charlotte, NCThe Fillmore
View more photos here

Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees
May 22nd, 2014 - Charlotte, NC
The Fillmore

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May 28, 2014
@ 7:05 pm

INTERVIEW: David Rosales


We caught up with David Rosales about his new album Along The Way, tour and more!

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May 28, 2014
@ 7:05 pm

INTERVIEW: Pilot For A Day

We caught up with Nolan of Pilot For A Day to discuss their new Deluxe Edition album for Better Air that is set to release on July 1st.

(Stay tuned for our review of the album!)

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May 22, 2014
@ 11:39 am

NEW SONG: “Ugly On The Inside” by The Maine


The Maine have just released a new song called “Ugly On The Inside" as a teaser to the release of their deluxe edition of Forever Halloween due out on June 17th. 

Listen to “Ugly on The Inside” here!